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Recipe For: Rumors

Rumors. What a thing. They get started and then take off like wildfire! Today a friend from high school and I got to reminiscing about a rumor that’s now 24 years old!


Without giving away any incriminating information (which may be completely false for all we know!), it’s something that was such a big deal at our high school, and such a big rumor, we are still talking about it more than two decades later.

My personal belief is all rumors are rooted in some truth. It may be completely distorted and overblown, but these things just don’t begin out of nowhere. With this specific high school rumor, perhaps this person was in a compromising position and it looked worse than it was or was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m not sure.

Obviously, rumors are fun because people live for salacious drama to take them out of their boring lives. It’s the same reason people watch The Bachelor, soap operas, and do all kinds of other dumb stuff, but safely from a distance, that doesn’t actually involve them.


But back to the recipe for rumors. We’re gonna need ingredients and directions and probably a whole lotta popcorn because things are going to get CRAZY!


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