Hey Spammers, Are You Proud Of Your Life Choices?

I am so sick of all the spammers of the world; I could be physically ill. A few years ago, I swore off Gmail because I was being spammed so aggressively, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Eventually, I ended up slinking back, but that’s another story.

Then my husband and I switched cell phone providers, and our spam calls went through the roof and MAN have they gotten sneaky. The call pops up with a person’s name, so it looks like it’s in your contacts or a person you know. We downloaded spam filters, which helped, but didn’t solve the problem. Some legislation passed which helped more. Things slow down in the spam world, but recently I’m seeing an uptick.

Now I’m being spammed on my professional work email. Oh, and this one dude is legit fighting with me after I’ve asked nicely to be removed.


spammers - it's too much

Honestly, I’m not even sure what you want aside from wasting my time. I click on a bogus link and then what??? I answer the phone, and no one is there so yeah, what???

What is the point? At least the spammers of yesteryear were trying to get your money. That’s action-oriented. I appreciate a spammer with a goal in mind. Y’all are just wasting my time. I’m busy. Come back never. Take your sad, tired, stupid, nobody wants your ridiculous product email, and GO HOME.

Take Belinda with you.

I’m trying to sit here and read my book, with my glass of wine in peace for five minutes before the dog gets wind the neighbor moved 5 inches too close to the property line and starts barking like he’s about to be murdered and the kids decide they are done playing nicely and I have to go drop the hammer. I don’t have time to be messing with you.

So, that’s why I want to ask you, spammers of the world –  Are you proud of your life choices? If the answer is yes, get better goals. Anything is better than this. If the answer is no, find a way to take one step closer to your dreams and one step further away from me and my baseball bat which may or may not be aimed directly at you. 😳

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