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Helping Our Teachers, Helping Our Kids, and Helping Ourselves

I am not a person who will sit by when I see something wrong. As I shared in a previous post, I jump into action. However, I’m also not a person who likes to complain when I don’t have a solution to offer. I cannot stand those people who scream from the rooftops how much they can’t stand something but then refuse to do anything to make it better.

Those people are some of the worst.

Lord help me, I’m doing everything in my power to be a change agent and be part of the solution. I was part of my children’s PTO and was the PTO president for two years. I’m an active volunteer within the school system and my children’s teachers know they can rely on me to help with a project, a field trip, or even on an occasion when an item is forgotten – I will happily swing by the store and grab it and drop it off at the school same day. This year, a teacher also recommended me for a curriculum committee to help decide on new materials for the students.

Let me tell you, this committee was not for the faint of heart. There was lots of reading, tough questions, assigning value to certain categories, and comments for each question/category. You definitely cannot phone this assignment in. I’m happy to be a part of it! I’m not complaining. My point is simply: I’m involved and I’m engaged. Teachers and administrators know me.

However, I see the education system – AS A WHOLE – as fundamentally broken. It is absolutely devastating. Good teachers are being run off and those who are staying are burnt out. Administrators are working their tails off to try and make tweaks to fit into a broken shell of a window pane we need to THROW OUT.

Look, I get it. The entire system is so entwined, it’s like, where do you even begin to pull on the first thread? Where do you begin to undo this mess? It’s such a big mess! Personally, I’m a big fan of just taking an ax to the whole damn thing and starting from the ground up. But I do tend to get frustrated and then dramatic.

So my big plan is just to host a rally to demand we GET THEM BACK! Get back the teachers who have left, and support the teachers who have stayed so we can help our kids get the education they deserve! It helps our future; it helps us. Everybody wins! Anyone who is against this notion can take several seats, we didn’t ask you to this rally anyway.

support teachers


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