Am I Missing Out On Hot Girl Summer AND NOBODY TOLD ME!?

Okay, so I know it’s the summer of the Barbie movie (which I cannot WAIT to see, by the way! Huge Barbie girl right here) so things are all girlie and pink, but I was just made aware during my book club party this weekend it’s Hot Girl Summer and NOBODY TOLD ME! Here I…

dress blog image

A Change Of A Dress?

So, I had this really wild idea to have a fancy family photo shoot. My photographer friend / terrible influence (LOL) totally encouraged this and I showed her the dress and then I fell down the rabbit hole. I thought I had found the perfect dress. After I carefully opened it and slipped it on…

double standards

I’m So Sick of Double Standards

I could write an entire sonnet on double standards. Things I’ve experienced in my family, in my personal life, and, of course, in entertainment. I’m so sick of them, I could scream from the top of a building until my throat is raw and I’m bleeding out. Recently, an issue occurred where a man behaved…

a troll

Dear Internet Trolls, GET A LIFE!

I ended my communications and social media marketing business for a few different reasons, but one delightful consequence of my actions meant getting away from the internet because it’s a breeding ground for freaks. I’m a people pleaser, and seeing nasty comments online hurts. IMMENSELY. For me, I think the online comments hurt more because…

spray tan

Spray Tan Say WHAT?

So, I recently took another plunge into unknown territory (I’m getting very adventurous these days!) and I decided to try out a spray tan. Well, as it turns out, like many things I was not prepared. It seemed innocent enough. Famous last words, I guess. Here’s the deal. Summer is a weird time for me.…

hill to die on

What Hill Will You Die On?

I love the idiom – what hill will you die on? For those new to this term (hey, I don’t know your life!), it means something you have strong convictions and will stand by your point of view. So, my new favorite blogging platform has had some killer content recently and posed this question today.…


Apparently, I Don’t Understand the Word Partner

I consider myself a well-versed individual. In fact, I pride myself on it. During a period of my life, I was once known as the Queen of Words. I even used that as my business name when I was handling communications and social media strategy, so to find out there’s a somewhat common word running…


Anxiety, Botox, Piriformis Pain, My Pilot and My Damn iPhone

It’s been wild around here, guys. I do mean wild. I’ve thought of easily 8 blog posts I want to write, but have either had no time to write them, or when I do sit down to write them I quite literally fall asleep. That never happens to me. I’m running on empty. Nevertheless, I…

strong woman feature

Recipe For: A Strong Woman

I’ve never intentionally set out to be a strong woman, I think in many ways I’m naturally strong, but I’ve also gained fortitude through some of the experiences I’ve had to endure through the course of my life. However, I am opinionated, not afraid to stand up and do what’s right, stay true to who…

leadership and responsibility main

Leadership, Responsibility and Does Everybody Hate Me?

I’ve had the opportunity many times over the course of my life, and even currently, to be a leader. Whether that’s a youth organization, on a committee within my church, or at my child’s school. I do possess many leadership qualities: integrity, courage, respect, creativity, accountability, decision-making skills, problem-solving, vision, and excellent communication. That doesn’t…

people pleaser 1

Harsh Truths From A Known People Pleaser

Being a people pleaser is not for the faint of heart. Letting people down is one of the most upsetting feelings I manage. I feel it in my heart deep down in my gut and I carry the horrible feeling around with me for weeks and often months when I have to say no or…

sorry not sorry not the cool mom

I’m Not The Cool Mom. Sorry, Not Sorry.

Today my daughter turns 12 years old and she’s getting her first phone. Some parents have been really lovely and understanding and have had similar phone journeys as we have, but others have been straight-up judgemental. Uncool. Would you like to hear my elevator speech? I nearly have it perfect I’ve given it so many…

Heather Chastain

About Heather

(So, my web designer says I needed to include a bio, though I find this task silly because, if you’re here, you know me.)

I’m a writer. It’s what I do. It’s a cathartic mechanism when I need release from my anxiety. I’ve had blogs in the past; I’ve taken them down, but I never stopped writing. I simply can’t. My notes app is forever long as it’s filled with pages and pages of different topics. Sometimes I just write a few sentences. Sometimes I write paragraphs.

Recently, I've been writing long essays. My friends and others I hold dear have coaxed me into sharing my work again.

So that's what I'm doing, you wicked, pushy people. LOL

I have no desire to see my writing be anything more than an opportunity to share what I love doing most. I have no interest in this blog reaching the masses.

I thought it would be fun to call it My Spicy Disaster because that's often how I feel. A complete mess of epic proportion. So join me, if you'd like, and let's pretend we're not sitting amongst the chaos crying, but laughing instead.

Or maybe we do cry sometimes, but then wipe our tears and remember one person’s disaster is another person’s … well, who the hell knows …