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My Old Age Has Taken A Mighty Downward Spiral Today

So, I’ve been riding pretty high about the fact I don’t feel old. Sure, I’m starting to show signs of wear and tear, but overall, I feel pretty good. Until today when it all came crashing down. I’ve never totally loved being tall. I was called Jolly Green Giant as a kid, asked how the…

written word

The Importance of the Written Word

The fact I feel the need to even defend the written word is soul-crushing, just so you know, but here we are. However, one of the most soul-sucking disasters of our educational system, at least in my state, is the lack of emphasis on spelling. Indiana doesn’t value memorization; therefore, my kids don’t regularly have…

anxious thoughts

Organizing Anxious Thoughts

In an effort to stay on top of my anxiety and anxious thoughts, I like to organize them. For example, if an event I know is going to be anxiety-inducing is coming up, I think through the situations that could cause me stress. This way I can plan and prepare. I can go in knowing…


Facing Our Fragility: Why Friendships Matter Most When We Feel Weak

This is going to be a tough one, so buckle up. I’m actually a really fragile person. I know I try to act like I’m so confident, but it’s all a facade. I’m doing my best to protect myself from the world. You see as an anxiety-riddled over-thinker, I hurt my own feelings on a…


Ladies, What Are We Doing?

I had a really interesting conversation the other day and it made me stop and ask myself, “Ladies, what are we doing!?” A man at my gym and I were talking and I mentioned how I had forgotten to eat for 8 hours on a Saturday. He lightheartedly laughed and said only ladies forget to…


An Ode To Catastrophizing

I am a strategic thinker. The CliftonStrengths test confirmed this to be true. I like to have plans in place, options and ways to easily pivot when plans change. This also means I like to think about all the ways something will go wrong. Then I can go down a rabbit hole. Everything is horrible…

Can You Please Stop Talking About My Body

Can You Please Stop Talking About My Body

I’m a woman who has never struggled with her weight – until I did. I also struggled with infertility. In fact, before I got pregnant with my second, who is now 8, I was told I would not be able to get pregnant again. Fortunately, God had other plans. After that pregnancy, I gained a…

Heather Chastain

About Heather

(So, my web designer says I needed to include a bio, though I find this task silly because, if you’re here, you know me.)

I’m a writer. It’s what I do. It’s a cathartic mechanism when I need release from my anxiety. I’ve had blogs in the past; I’ve taken them down, but I never stopped writing. I simply can’t. My notes app is forever long as it’s filled with pages and pages of different topics. Sometimes I just write a few sentences. Sometimes I write paragraphs.

Recently, I've been writing long essays. My friends and others I hold dear have coaxed me into sharing my work again.

So that's what I'm doing, you wicked, pushy people. LOL

I have no desire to see my writing be anything more than an opportunity to share what I love doing most. I have no interest in this blog reaching the masses.

I thought it would be fun to call it My Spicy Disaster because that's often how I feel. A complete mess of epic proportion. So join me, if you'd like, and let's pretend we're not sitting amongst the chaos crying, but laughing instead.

Or maybe we do cry sometimes, but then wipe our tears and remember one person’s disaster is another person’s … well, who the hell knows …