bosses and bastards

Bosses and Bastards. What Do They Have In Common … One Might Wonder.

I’m a pretty upbeat, enthusiastic person. Many have accused me of being a cheerleader in my life. Gross. No offense to cheerleaders, but I don’t have quite that pep in my step nor the ability to fake an interest in sports.

Recently, I shared on LinkedIn I’ve had some bad bosses. I’ve also had some great bosses. One boss, in particular, noticed my energy and before I set foot in the newsroom on my first day, he pulled me into his office and said, “I really like you and I think you’re going to do well here. Just don’t let the bastards get you down.” He kindly squeezed my shoulder and smiled and I went on my way.

I was kind of perplexed, I had actually never heard that expression before (I understood what he meant), but off I went. Well, it didn’t take too long to see what he was referencing. I’d worked at other stations and I’m fully aware of the personalities in a newsroom as well as within the production crew. Lots of clashing. This station seemed to be in some kind of cold war between the two sides. One person on the production team only referred to me as “PRODUCER!” for the first full year of my employment. Another gal I went to introduce myself to was reading a book and refused to look up.

Bastards, indeed.

There’s this site that has some funny little gifts and I saw this sticker today and decided I immediately must have it.

bosses and bastards

Anytime the Rihanna song Cheers, Drink To That song comes on, I always sing the part about not letting the bastards get you down just a little louder than the rest of the lyrics. 🙂

bosses and bastards

So, yeah, that’s my story. I feel like it was anticlimactic. I’ll work on it for next time.

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