Am I Missing Out On Hot Girl Summer AND NOBODY TOLD ME!?

Okay, so I know it’s the summer of the Barbie movie (which I cannot WAIT to see, by the way! Huge Barbie girl right here) so things are all girlie and pink, but I was just made aware during my book club party this weekend it’s Hot Girl Summer and NOBODY TOLD ME!

Here I am just jetting to and fro between the girls’ dance recitals, nationals, intensives, techniques, softball games, summer basketball, and camps like some kind of patsy and there’s a whole universe of super hot mom things happening I’m unaware!?

hot girl summer cher - as if

Now that I’m clued in, apparently, a portion of Hot Girl Summer is reading this steamy, sexy book called Fourth Wing. I was immediately like, “Woah, hard pass.” Words like: fantasy, dragons, and passion made me question every decision I’d ever made in life that led me to this book club gathering and why I suddenly thought these people had any idea what it meant to be a hot girl.

I kid, I kid.

Sort of. 😏

Don’t misunderstand. I read Twilight and LOVED it. Oh, how I loved it. The movies are gross. Terrible. The worst. I laughed through most of them. I mean, it’s a YA vampire-werewolf-human love triangle fantasyland. I don’t know how I expected it to be depicted on the big screen, but I liked my mental imagery better. I adored reading Hunger Games, a dystopian YA book about a world that pits children against each other in an annual death match.  The movies are fantastic. Jennifer Lawrence, you rock.

Anyway, I’m open-minded. I had another book ready to pick up, I had just finished a fun summer book – Happy Place (cute, predictable, easy summer beach read) – but decided to order this book because the wait at the library is BANANAS. 😲

bananas - hot girl summer

Still, consistently the only way I can remember how to spell this simple word. Thanks, Gwen!

So, stay tuned to my Instagram page and see how my progress is going and if I’ve decided this is the book of Hot Girl Summer or if I’ve been had. LOL

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